Why We Care

At Wooroy, we're more than a company – we're a family that cares deeply for you. Our exceptional dolls are loved by many, and our commitment to top-notch customer service comes with a pledge of excellence.

Dolls have brought joy for centuries, and at Wooroy, we're honored to carry on this tradition. Since 2005, our dolls have been spreading happiness, rekindling cherished memories, and sparking the imagination. Crafted by talented doll artists and designers, our dolls are a labor of love we engage in daily.

As passionate doll enthusiasts, we understand that every detail matters. This drives us to meticulously create our dolls using premium materials like vinyl, hand-rooted hair, and intricate hand-painted features, ensuring they exude lifelike realism. While some dolls by renowned artists can be quite pricey, we're proud to offer these exceptional dolls at affordable prices, further enhanced by interest-free payment options!

Whether you're seeking that long-desired special doll, a lifelike companion for snuggles, or a heartwarming gift, you've arrived at the right destination. Wooroy boasts a diverse doll collection, passionately curated to bring joy to fellow doll enthusiasts like you.