Baby Doll Care & Doll Hair Care Tips

General Care for Your Lifelike Doll: 

At Wooroy, our lifelike dolls and toddler dolls are made with care using top-notch materials, featuring adorable expressions. Our dolls are designed to provide parents with peace of mind – they're safe, adorable, sturdy, and most importantly, crafted for companionship and love! Follow these useful tips to ensure your Wooroy doll remains a cherished friend throughout childhood and beyond. 

  • Unwrapping: Before handing the doll to a child, remove all packaging including rubber bands, plastic, wire ties, and tags. These aren't part of the toy and should be discarded.
  • Avoid Staining: Keep away from items that could easily stain the doll's skin, like ink.
  • Protect from Heat: Keep your doll away from direct sunlight and fire to prevent melting or deformation.
  • Avoid Sharp Objects: Protect the doll's skin from sharp objects that could damage it.

Doll Hair Care Tips:

  • No Washing: Avoid washing the doll's hair to prevent matting. If it's dirty, use a slightly damp towel to gently clean it.
  • Avoid Heat: Don't use heated tools like blow dryers or irons on the doll's hair. They can harm the hair and vinyl.
  • Brushing Straight/Wavy Hair: Gently use a wire wig brush, starting at the ends and working upwards to the roots.
  • Preserve Curls: Be gentle at the ends of wavy hair to maintain its curl.


  • Cool, Dry Place: Keep your doll in a cool, dry place to ensure her hair stays looking its best.

Taking proper care of your Wooroy doll ensures a lasting bond and joyful playtime for years to come.