Meet Kaydora Doris Doll, the realistic hand-rooted eyelashes and hand-rooted hair make her so lifelike.

Meet Doris_ Wooroy Real Baby Doll

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Hello, my name is Doris. Your cuddly Wooroy companion. Sweet dreams and cuddling are my favorite things. I'm prepared to win your heart as I'm donning my favorite pink outfit and a sweet pink hairband. My eye-catching eyelashes and short brown hair were both painstakingly hand-rooted, as was the case with my short brown hair. Oh, don't forget about my small red lips! My skin also has that distinct hand-painted look. I'm more than simply a doll; I was created with a ton of love. Together, let's make treasured moments!




Wooroy Dolls

Get your perfect gift for your kids and the elderly people, choose Kaydora lifelike baby doll_ Nala. One of the best-selling toddlers twho is so realistic that many people see her as a real baby. Perfect and Best-selling Lifelike Baby dolls_ Lucy, from Kaydora. She has a cute giraffe toy and hat. Get her home for your cute kids and the elderly. They need accompany and Lucy doll is the perfect one.
20" Realistic Baby Doll- Nala 22" Lifelike Baby Doll- Lucy
$74.99 $69.99
For perfect gift for kids, select Kaydora Doris doll. With her realistic feature, she is one of the most popular dolls of Kaydora and has won many people's attention.
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20" Pink Doris Doll 16" Cute Phebe Doll
$84.99 $64.99

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